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Updated: Feb 24, 2018

When I think about eyebrows I think about all the AWKWARD phases mine have been through, from entirely too thin- almost non-existent, to overly filled in & square.

Our eyebrows really do shape the whole face. If they are too thin or not properly proportionate with the rest of the face they become a distraction, or aren't a good guide of how to apply the rest of your makeup.

The GOLDEN RATION is THE best guide for anyone who needs a guide of how to fill in, grow, & shape their brows!

As the diagram shows, your eye brow should start directly above the middle of your nostril, arch diagonally at the center of the nose & end diagonally at the side of your nose.

I hope this golden ration blog reaches anyone & everyone who needs a guide as to how your eyebrows should be shaped.

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