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Y'all if you aren't using a mineral SPF by now I'm concerned. Let's just take a look at mineral vs chemical SPF.

Mineral SPF:

Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are physical particles that sit on the surface of the skin & scatter or reflect sun’s rays away from the skin. At Beautycounter we use non-nano zinc oxide. The particle size of the non-nano zinc oxide we formulate with ensures that there is low potential risk of respiration and does not enter the blood stream to cause harmful effects.

Chemical SPF :

Chemical sunscreens are technically sun filters. They’re called sun filters because they absorb the sun’s UV energy and release it back into the air as heat. The same can not be said for chemical ingredients. They can cause skin irritation & can enter the blood stream.

Now that we agree you should be using mineral SPF let me tell you about my favorite one that takes the aerosol cans game by storm. At Beautycounter we use a non-aerosol, bag-on-valve actuator system. It applies an even layer of SPF like aerosol, but is actually air-powered. So, no potential harmful propellant chemicals are sprayed into the atmosphere or onto skin. :)))) BOOM.

Any way now to the important part. We have a stick SPF for your face. I can't live without it. Its perfect for the pool, lake days, beach (you lucky girl), or just walking or running around the neighborhood. Our regular SPF is a white mineral sunscreen in the spray can. I love this one, BUT if you want to look a little tan get the tinted SPF. It was made for deeper skin tones but works well if you want to add a little color to your life, so you aren't looking so pasty. :)

non-nano zinc oxide and California Poppy, this physical SPF 30 formulation provides an effective shield from UVA and UVB rays, while being gentle and pleasant feeling on the skin. The ultra-moisturizing cocoa-butter infused formula glides on smoothly without leaving a white residue.

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