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At home mini spa day !

Okay ladies, I know your skin, hair, nails & lashes are all in need of a professional at this point during the pandemic. I know I personally am very grateful that I know you will all being ready to get ALL the things done just as soon as we can (as I am)! But until then I put together everything you will need for a mini skin & hair spa day with all of the things I love!

1. Number 1 on my list is our mini glow & glow oils from beautycounter. I love using these at night time before bed.

  1. No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil: This award-winning facial oil features a proprietary blend of oils, plus vitamin C, to leave skin looking radiant.

  2. No. 2 Plumping Facial Oil: Formulated with aromatic jasmine floral wax and argan oil, this facial oil is designed to replenish moisture to keep skin looking youthful. (Personal favorite, I love how calming the jasmine is.)

  3. No. 3 Balancing Facial Oil: Featuring a targeted blend of oils including meadowfoam seed oil, this facial oil helps restore calm, clarity, and balance to skin.

2. Of course you need a skin care regimen. If you don't have one yet that's def. something we should be chatting about, if you have questions I would be happy to direct you to a quiz on beautycounter or schedule a consultation facial once we can all work again! Any way my favorite regimen is Countertime.

3. The gua sha, I have been using this tool in my esti room in every facial for about a year now. I love the lift it gives the skin, plus the circulation benefits make this tool an essential. Put on of the mini oils on & go watch this Youtube video for directions on use!

4. The tinkle razor is a good way to remove tiny hair in between professional dermaplanes. I will say that these are only good for the removal of hair & not an actual exfoliation or removal of dead skin cells.

5. Lastly olaplex has quite literally saved my hair plenty of times. Its very hydrating & I absolutely love it. The shampoo & conditioner + oil are products I use at home to maintain the health of my hair.

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