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Bath Ritual

I have always been a fan of a good bath ritual. I currently have some new favorites to update you on. First off if you haven't used Epsom Salt yet I highly recommend it. Epsom salt contains magnesium & sulfate that helps with body detoxification. Benefits of epsom salt include:

soothe skin

reduces soreness & pain

reduces stress

relieves muscle cramps

*trust me your body will feel so relaxed*

But all epsom salt is not created equal. There are plenty of brands that have scented salts, which actually contain fragrance. For me it seems counter intuitive to use a product that has so many health benefits, but is chock full of toxic fragrance.

This is why I have been adding a touch of the primally pure flower bath salts to the plain epsom salt. That way I am still getting a pleasant scent by a trusted company who I know is clean. This also helps the primally pure salts last a little longer.

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