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The lotus glow cleansing balm is one of those products from Beautycounter that is a fan fave. I love to use the cleansing balm as the first cleanser in my double cleansing skin care routine.

The balm melts away makeup instantly with only a almond size amount. It is so gentle & hydrates the skin, while it is cleansing away impurities. As an esthetician I look for products that are gentle on the skins barrier function, because it maintains the balance & health of the skin. If products are too abrasive & strip all the natural oils & hydration from the skin, then you can have issues like dryness, tight irritated skin or redness. The balm is definitely is one of the product that supports skins barrier function. Which is why it has a cult following.

It is currently on sale with our friend & family discount of 15% off.

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