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Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Where to even begin with this regimen. I knew I was going to love it before I even purchased it. The ingredient list & over all anti aging benefits spoke to me on a deep level as an esthetician. Besides the innovative ingredient list, the entire line is so fresh. Heres why:

New GLASS packaging. Not only is the packaging absolutely stunning, but its sourced in North America which cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions from shipping products over seas. Glass is recycled more easily than plastic & does not emit harmful materials when it degrades.

Retinatural Complex. This combination of bakuchiol & swiss alpine rose deliver retinol like results without retinol safety concerns. Bakuchiol is used in Chinese & Ayuverdic skin remedies. It delivers many benefits of retinol without irritation. Swiss Alpine rose protects the skin & is known for defending its self against environmental stressors like dehydration. Also it boost skins antioxidant defense.

Peptides are HUGE in the anti-aging game & before this regimen Beautycounter was lacking using this ingredient. Peptides are a chain of amino acids that help build up our collagen.

Results that speak for themselves. This picture was taken about two months apart. The entire bottle of each product has not even been completely used yet.

One other amazing feature I love about the new packaging is the boxes that the product comes in. On each of the products is a short description of what the product is going to do for you & then the order to use the product in, plus AM/ PM use or both. This makes understanding your product & order very user friendly.

You get the point, I could go on & on about the line & how much I love it for days! Hope this blog helped explain more in depth about the product line & why its so great!


Kelsey B.

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