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I have had some messed up sleep patterns lately, I blame it on baby :) I found this fun Pinterest DIY. Since then I have given 6 different vases new life.

Supplies needed:

  • Old vase - focus on shape, color won't matter since we will be painting them

  • White primer- I used spray paint because its easy & quick.

  • Paint colors for the vase- make sure they are matte. My favorite shade ended up being linen. I got mine from Michaels

  • Baking powder

The first step is to clean off the vases & prime white. Once they have dried you can then mix your paint color with baking powder & start painting the vase. My baking powder was kind of old & needed broken up a bit so there were chunks of it in the paint. Don't worry about this, it gives the vase a more textured look. I did not measure the baking powder, only combined the paint & baking powder until I got a consistency I thought looked good.

Add some pampas or your favorite florals & there you have it!

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