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When Beautycounter was presented to me as an option to become a consultant & build my own business I was skeptical as anyone would be. So I am going to explain why I went this route & why you should consider joining my team too!

The first Beautycounter product I tried was a sample of the Charcoal mask, sent to me by a consultant who was trying to recruit me. When I first opened the mask to sample it, it smelled very minty, which I associated with tingling . I thought I would not like the mask at all. WAS I WRONG. The charcoal mask gave my skin a smooth, clean feeling without drying it out & very little tingling. This was my first contact with any product from Beautycounter.

Before this I had been toying with the idea of transitioning my whole home over to safer products. Before I decided to become a consultant I had changed over most of our laundry soap & household cleaning supplies. But I had never really given much thought to the products that I was putting directly on my skin, that consequently were getting absorbed into my blood stream.

So I started researching Beautycounter to find out what set them apart from other beauty companies in the industry. This is what I found out :

  • First & foremost there is a HUGE lack of regulation in the beauty industry in the USA. The USA restrict approximately 30 ingredients while Europe restricts 1,500.

  • What are these restricted ingredients that Europe bans? Oh, just ingredients that can lead to cancer, reproductive harm & other serious health issues.

  • Not only does Beautycounter ban ingredients that are harmful, the products are HIGH performance. What this means is they are fantastic quality. They are comparable to high end quality that you would find at Sephora, only without all the extra harmful ingredients.

  • Unlike other consultant based companies, Beautycounter has a true definable mission. To get safer products into the hands of everyone. They do this by providing practical solutions, i.e. their products & MORE IMPORTANTLY by advocating & educating about safer products.

  • Advocating for safer products | What does this mean? This means that literally consultants & our CEO campaign at Washington D.C. for change in our laws. To protect our families & children- the future. The last major law in the beauty industry was in 1938. Are you going to let laws from decades ago "protect" you & your family in the world we live in today?

  • Education is a huge pillar of what Beautycounter stands for. All Beautycounter consultants are set out to educate on safer products & our laws & regulations!

This was all the convincing I needed. With only a $98 start up fee I decided to take the plunge & become a consultant. I am certain this is where the trend is going in the beauty industry. People are becoming more conscious of what ingredients are in their products. Even the ones who are not, this will touch them eventually. Laws will change to help everyone. Be apart of the movement.

If you have never explored my beautycounter website now is a great time to see what we are all about!


Kelsey Rae

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