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"You cannot perceive what you are not in the vibration of." Darryl Anka

That means if you are here on this page, reading this blog, you too are a POWERFUL WOMAN.

What makes me feel like a powerful woman:

  • a bold red lip

  • statement clothing

  • being in alignment with my higher self

  • supporting other women

  • following my passions

  • spreading positivity even when life is difficult

  • supporting others emotionally

  • growth & personal development ♥️

I got this shirt & intended to wear it for my 30th Birthday party, which did not happen because of COVID-19. Any way I got this shirt because for the first time in a long time I was finally feeling like a powerful woman. That past couple of years have been kind of rocky for me & Ive always known I would be the most happy in my 30s. I now know this is going to be true because I know happiness is a daily, & even momently CHOICE.

Any way whatever stage you are in you are always a powerful woman you just have to look within yourself & turn your energy inwards to reclaim your power. These realization did not come to me without struggle & personal development. Hiding away your talents & light for fear of any kind does not serve ANYONE, including & especially you.


Shirt is from DRESSED IN LALA (this woman is a huge believer in self love & knowing your worth, always encouraging anyone who finds her page to step into their power)

Lip is BEAUTYCOUNTER Garden Party


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