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I was RIDE or DIE for my Clarisonic for YEARS . I remember working in ULTA & wanting one so bad! Then I finally got one for Christmas. This was about 5 years ago & I have used the Clarisonic off & on ever since then. I want to compare the Clarisonic to the ZOE to explore the differences.

What I love about my Clarisonic

How deep clean my skin felt

Exfoliation I got from using

The timed sections

What I didn't love about the Clarisonic

Replacing the heads $$$

Charging it ALL the time

Harboring of bacteria

Skin often burned after use

This brings me to the Zoe. When I first discovered the Zoe I was like yes, this is exactly what I didn't know I was looking for. Its made from a highly durable medical grade antimicrobial silicone & literally is designed to not harbor bacteria. Which I feel should be everyones number one priority when looking for a skin care brush. Something I definitely did not think about 5 years ago.

What I love about Zoe

antimicrobial factor

cleanses & massages

applies skin care products - penetrating deeper into the skin than apply with hands

no replacement heads needed

300 uses on a single charge (not even joking, the best charge life ever)

easy to travel with in nano fiber pouch

shape of Zoe, gets closer to eyes & around nose very well - patented shape

What I don't love about Zoe

color selection of the Zoe is not very big

as of right now that is my only complaint - I will keep you updated if any thing changes

What made me change?

Using the Clarisonic for so long & through esthetician school made me question aspects of the Clarisonic. First off the replaceable heads can harbor bacteria, which is why they should be replaced regularly, but this is a HUGE downfall with anyone trying to get rid of acne, because bacteria will cause acne. (Not to mention replacing the heads can get expensive) Since the oscillating heads are a porous nylon material it takes the bristles longer to dry & can cause bacteria to grow. I have never had very much trouble with acne, but my skin wasn't where I wanted it to be with the Clarisonic. So I started looking to other skin care professionals in the industry to see what they were using & sure enough the answer was Zoe.

As if that wasn't enough reason to consider a new brush, remember the burning I mentioned earlier, that is from the brush causing abrasions to my face. Once an abrasion is created that leaves room for the bacteria from bristles to settle in causing acne or clogged pores. This just gives me anxiety thinking about all the bacteria!

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Five years ago Clarisonic was the best brush on the market & they definitely had a monopoly, but as time goes on technology & improvements are made in every industry, including the beauty industry. The QYK Sonic Zoe in my opinion blows every other hand held cleaning brush of out of the water today. Consumers are getting more and more educated about their skincare products & this is no exception. QYK Sonic Zoe is the future & 100% where my loyalty is now.

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