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skin care for dry skin

Dry skin is characterized as lacking oil. This means that your skin isnt producing as much oil as it needs to, to keep the skin protected. I know sounds horrifying right?! Dont worry though, with the proper products & care we can combat some of the issues that come along with dry skin.

Dry skin has a compromised barrier function & can be more sensitive than other skin types. With a compromised barrier function this means your skin can show signs of aging more quickly & can become irrated easily . So what type of products are going to be good for dry skin?!

Occlusive products will be the best for dry skin. Occlusive means a thick product that isn't going to allow water & oils to be lost from the skin. Other great products for dry skin are beauty oils.

Dry skin should not be confused with dehydrated skin, which is lacking water & not oil. For dehydrated skin one of the best ingredients is hyarulonic acid, which holds 1000x its weight in water. VERY HYDRATING. More than likely you will probably have a combination of both dry & dehydrated.

Occlusive & hydrating products that I recommend :

My number one favorite product for dry skin is the Beauty Balm. For a number of reasons this product is a top favorite ! It can be used as a makeup remover/ cleanser, as an overnight mask & moisturizer. This product is VERY occlusive & a little goes a long way so its will last a long time!

For dehydrated skin I first recommend that you be conscious of how much water you are in-taking. The amount of water you drink can help support your skin. The product that I would use to layer under the cleansing balm before using as an over night mask is the Intense Moisture Serum.

Lastly a great oil is always the perfect addition to the two other products. The Balancing Facial Oil is going to be great at calming & balancing your sensitive skin. This can be worn alone, or with the other two products.

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