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skin care for the bridal party

Updated: Feb 24, 2018

Great skin is in! For me skincare has always been an area of interest. I recently earned my estheticians license & I wanted to share with you a few different tips, tricks & products I am loving right now, especially if you are one of my future brides or bridesmaids ! :) After all, beautiful skin equals great makeup!!

Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin is lacking water & will feel tight. One product I'm in LOVE with for helping combat dehydrated skin is the

Bimolecular Hydrating Recovery Mask!

I would recommend that all of my brides & bridesmaids use this mask the day of the wedding before makeup application! I feel this product is universal & everyone can benefit from using it! The mask is a 25 minute sheet mask that leaves your skin feeling so refreshed & hydrated without feeling oily or greasy !! Having dehydrated skin is a HUGE factor in how makeup will apply to your skin because it will affect the texture of your skin, which in turn will affect how makeup applies & lays on your skin. 

PRO TIP: There will be plenty of extra serum left over from the mask, use it on your arms & legs !

Video Using Bimolecular Hydrating Recovery Mask

Lash & Brow Serum

If you don't know, eyebrows play a major role in shaping your entire face. That is why I view eyebrows as a VERY important part of the makeup application as well. If you have patchy eyebrows, over tweezed eyebrows, or feel like they just do not grow in like they used to, Image Brow & Lash Enhancement Serum is for you.

I would recommend starting to use this product once to twice a day at least two- three months before your wedding. This will ensure that you are getting the results you want! Not only is this enhancement good for eyebrows is also makes your lashes longer !! Who doesn't want longer lashes?

PRO TIP : Apply the serum directly above your lash line & don't forget your bottom lashes !


The last product that I think is a must have for everyone is the Sheer Pink Lip Enhancement Complex . I can not tell you how many times I have had a client sit down in my chair that have severly chapped lips & their skin on their lips is literally peeling & flaking off!

I can only do so much to hydrate them in the short amount of time I have, before I apply their lip liner, lipstick or gloss. This product is a sheer pink, complex will that reduces fine lines over time & hydrates lips.

PRO TIP: Use this product before going to sleep, your lips will feel refreshed in the morning!

Apply this while using your Hydrating Recovery Mask to really pamper yourself!

If  you are interested at all in these products or have any other skin concerns please contact me at :


Kelsey Rae

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