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Hello all ! I always get questions about my skin care routine. So here is the list & process.

I have been religiously using Countertime from Beautycounter morning & evening. Being an esthetician has made me alter certain steps & mix in PROFESSIONAL grade ingredients that include antioxidants + vitamins.

First step is the with out a doubt, the lipid defense cleansing oil. I love using an oil as my first step in any regimen because it is going to remove any makeup, sebum or oils on the skin. The lipid defense cleansing oil is known for having bakuchiol (a safer alternative to retinol). Once or twice a week I will either use my QYK Sonic Zoe or my skin scrubber to add in a deeper clean, & or a light exfoliation.

Second up is the essence. Our essence helps protect the barrier function, instantly hydrates & improves radiance. This step also preps your skin to receive the following products.

Third up is the professional grade products from Environ. This is where I am making sure I am getting the absolute best vitamins & antioxidants (free radical fighters) I can get my hands on. So I combine antioxidant gel + AVST moisturizer 3. With these steps I am getting vitamins A, C, E, B5. The antioxidant gel acts against pollution with ingredients ; beta- carotene (protects against UVA light damage), Vitamin C, E & B5.

Eye cream. The eyes are such an important part of the face & 100% need their own moisturizer dedicated just for them. I am currently using the counter time ultra renewal eye cream. In this eye cream you will find bakuchiol + persian silk tree extract that is known to brighten the eye area.

Lastly if I am feeling extra dry I will layer on the supreme cream. This stuff is amazing & thick, so it locks in all of the steps we just completed + has peptides (help with collagen production) (collagen helps with plumpness of skin)

Weekly Mask: (Whatever my skin is feeling it needs)

Charcoal mask - helps pull out impurities, excess sebum & cleans pores.

Hydrating clay mask - very hydrating, gently exfoliates

Revival mask- helps overall appearance of aging skin "face lift in a jar"

Monthly :

Dermaplane: removes dead skin cells & velus hair

Facial: hydrating, hydrodermabrasion or peel (again what every my skin needs)

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