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Okay, a natural blush pink makeup trend, say no more. I had to recreate it. I was on Pinterest earlier & came across a picture of Betty from Riverdale (if you don't know look it up on Netflix NOW), any way she was literally glowing & had this beautiful monochromatic makeup going on.

For this look I used:

*Blush + Blush used as eyeshadow in GUAVA & a small amount of Motto in the outer section of the top eyelashes

*Brow pencil in shade medium

*Mascara in black lengthening

*Lip in shade blush shimmer

Comparing the photos side by side I totally could of packed on more of the blush in the eyeshadow. Also her brows are like goals ! I don't think I have ever had a bushy brow, but gotta work with what you were blessed with! :))

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