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One area I never expected to second guess or have the desire to change when I started my non toxic journey with Beautycounter was household cleaning supplies. But since then we have tried so many in this house that I have lost track, but I recently tried LEMI SHINE for cleaning our HE washer.

If you have an HE front load washer you know the distinct stench that can come from it. The washing machine cleaner comes in a pack of 4 cleaning pouches & 4 machine wipes. It helps deodorize & restore performance. Honestly I just noticed the fresh sent after using this to clean my washer.

Lemi Shine products meets USA EPA safer products standard. "Our new products offer more nontoxic cleaning options that fulfill our mission to provide powerful, safe cleaners that our customers can trust. The new packaging is designed to let consumers who are looking for safer cleaning products know that Lemi Shinehas the strength to tackle even the messiest messes without the harsh chemicals." Lemi Shine CEO Curtis Eggemeyer.

Im excited to try the other products in the line as well. You can find the products a local retailer WALMART.

PS- clean one thing a day that scares you. :) lol got to love a company with a sense of humor.

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