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Amazon Beauty Favorites

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

1.Beauty Blender

I have been using these beauty blenders for a while for personal use & in my makeup kit. They are a great value & come with prime shipping, so if you live in the middle of no where like me that makes it even more convenient.

2. Ardell Demi Wispies

These lashes are my RIDE OR DIE. Y'all I use these on every single wedding party, since day 1. Going on five years now. I am so obsessed with how natural they make the eyes look & how much they open them up!

3. Gua Sha

Best facial tool for circulation, lymph drainage & skin health! I love using this tool with my beauty oils before bed!

4. Brushes

Um hello?! How adorable are these brushes ! Im so pumped about the amethyst handle. I just recently got these for my freelance kit. I may need them now for personal use. PS I the handle comes in a couple different colors too!

5. Gold brush holder

YES, I'm here for anything gold. I think by now we already know that. But this gold divider is great for a brush holder, lipsticks, glosses or even on your work desk.



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